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Our Secretary David Ward contributed a significant sum for the purchase of a rare French edition of
The Rights of Man 
by Thomas Paine 

Written in support of the ideas of the French Revolution, Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man was widely read throughout the world. 

A copy which was published in 1791 and translated in French as Droits de l’Homme was presented to the town’s Ancient House Museum to add to its Paine collection. 

Oliver Bone, curator of Thetford museum, said to have a direct link to France’s revolutionary times will be a great asset to the museum.
He said: “It is very powerful to think that someone had the book in their home through the turbulent times of the period. It is very evocative.

It was purchased for the museum by the Thomas Paine Society UK (David Ward personal contribution), the Friends of Thetford Museum and the Tom Paine Legacy Group.

Dave Ward, secretary of the Thomas Paine Society UK, said: “I think a French copy, when Paine wrote it in agreement with the French Revolution, is more important than an English copy. And to think that the book was handled during the revolution - it fascinates me.”

Rights of Man
Rights of Man
Rare French edition

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