Thomas Paine Society UK - Find out about Thomas Paine, England's most powerful writer
This site is  a rich resource for Paine enthusiasts and scholarly research, please visit all the pages to read , hear and see all about Thomas Paine.

Please find all of Thomas Paine's published works Here

An excellent  new article about Paine's Agrarian Justice just out in The Globalist

Thomas Paine Tribute Song
By Thetford folk singer Stig Denson
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Other songs by Stig can be found on the links page

The society came into being as a direct consequence of the controversy in Thetford, Paine's birthplace, in 1963 following the offer of a statue of the town’s most famous citizen.

The Society’s objectives are:

“To promote the recognition of Thomas Paine’s contribution to the cause of freedom, and to spread a knowledge of his work and activities with a view to encouraging the growth of a similar spirit of constructive criticism in every aspect of public life”

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