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Thomas Paine Society UK

England's most powerful writer

NEW !!  Key interviews from 1992 

Ronald H Blumer contacted us from New York and made available a series of interviews with E P Thompson, Tony Benn and Michael Foot which he conducted on June 30th 1992 and July 1st 1992. They were made for a documentary that was never completed, but now are available here, uncut.

See the pages on the menu to access the interviews the first three are Thompson, Foot and Benn. Forche, Barber, Wilentz and Kramnick are on the Blumer page. These interviews are by experts on Thomas Paine, and all yield specific insights not available elsewhere. It is fascinating to hear these views from the early 1990's with references to that time in history. The Institute of Intellectual History at Saint Andrews will be transcribing these interviews soon.

Thomas Paine in Lewes 1768-1774

A Prelude to American Independence 

The Thomas Paine Society published a 2nd edition in 2020 with new articles more full colour plates. It can be downloaded on Kobo here as an ebook £4.29

and here as a book  £15.00

The Rise of Thomas Paine

The Thomas Paine Society UK published the result of eight years research on how Thomas Paine rose to world prominence whilst working as an Officer of Excise in the King's service.

Available as an ebook here £6.00

And as a paperback here £10.00