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Thomas Paine Society UK

England's most powerful writer

We are very sad to report the passing of Robert Morrell, one of the founders of this society. His support was unstinting, his knowledge about Thomas Paine was unsurpassed, at world expert level. The Guardian article about his life can be found here.  Please add to his obituary page with your memories.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win the 2020 Presidential Election!

The America voting system has been shown to hold up well under the extreme pressure of the pandemic. 

The American people have chosen Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They have chosen empathy over hate, decency over base motives, cohesion over division.

This is the America that was fought for by Thomas Paine, one of the founders of the United States of America. The central tenets of his written words have been upheld.

We, who keep the candle alight for all that Thomas Paine stood for, rejoice.

Thetford Town Council has begun regilding the Thomas Paine Statue in the town centre. The controversy about the proposed statue in 1963 led to the formation of the Thomas Paine Society in an attempt to educate the public about Paine’s life and works. The statue was unveiled in 1964, ironically in front of King’s House in King Street Thetford.

The statue has been painted a number of times over the years but the current work using gold leaf will reinstate the original gold colour present at the unveiling.

The Thomas Paine Society has contributed £2,000 towards the project.

A second phase of restoration repairing the plinth is proposed when funding allows. Anyone wishing to contribute to the project should contact [email protected]