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Thomas Paine Society UK - Find out about Thomas Paine, England's most powerful writer
Common Sense Club
in association with
Thetford Grammar School
presented  a talk on
The Man from Thetford
The story of the Thomas Paine Statue
 by author and travel writer
Fraser Harrison7.30pm
Friday 11th November 2016

Old School, Thetford Grammar School, Bridge Street, Thetford, IP24 3AF

Free entry, all welcome
The Most Valuable Englishman EVER! see this famous documentary by Kenneth Griffith  here

Also a report from Bill Speck on  another celebration dinner in Leeds at which in excess of 40 attended:

" The Ford - Maguire Society held a dinner at Fairuz's Lebanese restaurant in Leeds on Thursday 29 January to celebrate Tom Paine's birthday. Over forty people attended, including Paul Myles, acting chairman of the Thomas Paine Society, who proposed a toast, one of several to Paine's memory during the course of a very convivial evening."

Mayor of Lewes Dr Mike Turner and Paul Myles of the University of St Andrews and  The Thomas Paine Society UK with their publications at the Chateau, the venue for the lecture on Thomas paine in Lewes

A major historical convention in France.

Committee Member Paul Myles  presented on behalf of the Thomas Paine Society and as a doctoral student at the University of St Andrews on the 11th of October at the prestigious event of Les Rebelles the 17th Rendez Vous  De L'Histoire at Blois in France. 

Our venue was packed full, which was surprising as the Prime Minister of France, Manual Valls was talking just down the road at the same time!

Documentary Alert !!!!!

Melvyn Bragg’s Radical Lives: Rights of Man – Thomas Paine
 Melvyn Bragg tells the remarkable story of Thomas Paine, the 18-century English radical writer who wrote three of the best-selling political essays of all time: Common Sense, Rights of Man and The Age of Reason. His books changed the world and helped shape modern democracy. He lit the fuse for the American Revolution, was an active participant in the French Revolution and laid the foundation for political reform in Britain.
In this film Melvyn travels from Norfolk to Philadelphia, New York to Paris as he follows in the footsteps of one of the great champions of democracy and human rights – Along the way, he explains how the freedoms we all enjoy grew out of 18- century Enlightenment thinking and were given popular voice in the works of Thomas Paine.

Thomas Paine returns to his old school in Thetford !
Click here for the full story

To Begin the World Over Again: the Life of Thomas Paine

Sat 3 May 2014, 19.00

At Conway Hall London

Tickets Advance: £10 (plus booking fee), Concs. £5

Admission £15/£7 on the door.

Doors 18.30. Start 19.00

Ian Ruskin (writer/actor) trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. He has performed his other one man play From Wharf Rats to Lords of the Docks about labour leader Harry Bridges well over 200 times. The film version, directed by Haskell Wexler, has aired in America on PBS for the past 4 years. This is the London première of To Begin the World Over Again: the Life of Thomas Paine which has been performed just over 30 times in the past two years.

“Ruskin’s Paine provides more than a mere history lesson; it’s a sort of performance art. Not only do we learn of a largely untold slice of the American story, we also get to see an actor in top form. So nuanced and layered is Ruskin’s performance, and so enlightening is his script, it’s as if Paine has been brought to back life just to speak to us”.

Pictured are Ricky Groves the former Eastenders actor, Gez Chetal owner of the Thomas Paine Hotel, Stuart Wright Mayor of Thetford and David Ward of Thetford who has lent some of his Thomas Paine ephemera for display at the hotel.  The recent evening marked the opening of the hotel's restaurant as Franklin's Brasserie.

Saturday 8th June 2013
11am Meet at Old School, Thetford Grammar School  - (Old School open from 10.30) 
Talk on The Thomas Paine Society and its role in the last 50 years
 Walk to Thomas Paine Statue
12 noon Meet at Thomas Paine Statue for laying of a floral tribute
12.30pm Lunch at Thomas Paine Hotel
 Meet at The Small Court, Thetford Guildhall
Recent research findings Paul Myles
 Paine today and the future Chad Goodwin
 Close of proceedings

There was a  Republic vs Royalist debate at a crowded event at the Dome Pavilion in Brighton on the 27th of November.

Over 160 people  attended the Sussex Salon Series debate 
An electronic vote revealed that 75% of the audience were in favour of  the UK without a monarch.
Thomas Paine committee member Paul Myles represented our society, Graham Smith CEO,  Republic,  Prof Richard Whatmore, director of  the University of Sussex Centre for Intellectual History and Rafe Heydel-Mankoo,  ResPublica
A lively debate indeed , Rafe calling for reform of the upper house whilst retaining the monarchy, the position of Graham Smith was unambiguously republican, Myles argued for a bottom up process of secularity and voter franchisment and Richard Whatmore lent gravitas and knowledge of republican struggles, and pointed out that Europe was the main issue.
Dr Ruth Woodfield, Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange for The School of Law, Politics and Sociology, is organising the Sussex Salon Series in conjunction with Brighton Festival Offices.

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