Thomas Paine Society UK - News of a change of the TPS
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This is to inform  of our  direction of travel in the UK with regard to the Thomas Paine Society UK.

We have been dwindling in membership for the last ten years. This is due to a lot of members dying, and associate societies closing down with their membership decreasing for the same reasons.

The Symposium we held in London in 2015 was an attempt to increase membership, despite advertising this in the national and local press it was, for this purpose, not successful. We consider that the symposium continues to give value as the talks are online.

We are at the moment considering to cease as a membership society, as the cost of AGM's are not sustainable with the amount of subscriptions received, we currently have only 20 paid up members.

We also suffered a severe blow early last year with the sudden death of our chairman Bill Speck, who was a senior historian. Bill had plans to relaunch our journal, this after Robert Morrell had given up the job due to ill health. We have now scanned all previous copies and made them available on our website. 

We are an unincorporated society, and shall continue to be so. Our plans, to be discussed at the next AGM, is to continue the website as a learning and information resource. It is also our plan to use what resource we have to publish the research that has been undertaken in Lewes that led to Paine's first pamphlet, 'The Case of the Officers of Excise'. The sale of this on our website, will be used to sustain the website as a learning resource.

We consider that this  course of action reflects the modern age, where information is sought online, free of charge.

The AGM is to be  held at 1 Wimpole Street, London W1G 0AE at 12.00 midday on the 17th February 2018.

All current members have been informed including those that had lapsed for the previous 12 months.

If there are members who would like to propose an alternative course of action please attend, all officers are due for re election, this will influence any course of action.

There are to be constitutional changes proposed at this meeting if the current officers are re elected. It is essential that if any member wants to affect any course of action, they should attend.